About Us

In 2006, Ray Carnes teamed up with Larry Lindstrom, and the two of them created TFA (The Foundation Assistant). Their plan was to provide software for new and re-emerging foundations; software that gives them all the tools needed to be successful. To do this, they formed TFA Software LLC.

One of the earliest decisions was to keep the cost of the TFA software as low as possible. They wanted to make it affordable for even the smallest foundations. That's where the commitment to charge only $200 came from, and it remains there today for a single computer installation. If a foundation decides it needs to support multiple users on multiple computers, the cost rises to $400, and that version has no limit to the number of additional "clients" updating the central database.

Either way, TFA puts everything a foundation needs at your fingertips.

In 2010, Ray Carnes resigned for health reasons.