Q: How much does TFA cost?
A: $200. This includes the software on a CD, an easily-understood installation guide, and our assistance in setting up your foundation so you can get going. The manual is clearly written, and is contained on the CD. This provides for a single computer version. If your foundation grows to the point where it needs multiple users on multiple computers, the cost is $400, and there is no limit to the number of users and computers updating the central database.
Q: Is TFA easy to use?
A: Absolutely. It was designed to make sense of the needs of a foundation in the simplest terms. You don't need any foundation experience, just common sense and enthusiasm for accomplishing your foundation's goals.
Q: Does TFA send thank-you letters to volunteers and donors?
A: Absolutely. As a matter of fact, this vital task is often overlooked by even the largest and most sophisticated foundations, and they lose donors in the process. We give you the opportunity to send letters of appreciation when you enter each donation, and remind you later when you decline to do so. It's that important.
Q: Does TFA include all accounting reports?
A: Nope. We do report on the sources of all earned income & donations, expenses, goods and services, including summarizing by events (eg: phone-a-thon, mailing campaign, money-raising activities, etc.
Q: Can we group contacts?
A: Yes, you can create Groups in the Foundation/Maintenance/Groups tab, and then assign individual contacts to that (and other) Groups. It's quick and easy. And when you open that goup, only the assigned contacts will appear. Very powerful!
Q: Can we use voice recognition software instead of using the keyboard for data entry?
A: Yes. We use Dragon Naturally Speaking to enter test data every day. It works wonderfully well.
Q: Many donors want to get e-mail. Does TFA accommodate this?
A: Absolutely. Snail mail is expensive, and e-mail isn't. We even supply sample e-mails and letters, and we provide modifiable templates for your own needs. The specifics are in the Reference Manual.
Q: Can we move TFA and all our data from one computer to another?
A: Yes. We realize that small and medium-size foundations rely on volunteers to enter all that information, and that those volunteers eventually want to pass the work along to someone else. TFA makes it easy. We provide clear instructions for moving all the data to another computer and for installing the software, too.
Q: Can we run TFA on more than one computer?
A: Absolutely. It will work on a local area network (ethernet), a wireless local area network (WLAN) or via the Internet. We can show you how install the remote server version.
Q: Can we backup and restore our data?
A: Yes you can. As a matter of fact, we know it is vital to backup whenever your data has changed. I guess we're a little fanatical about this, and your software will remind you whenever necessary. The TFA software makes it easy, and it makes it easy to restore your data if it's ever necessary.
Q: We're not technical. Can you help with setting up TFA?
A: Sure. First, the reference guide has a section devoted to setting up your foundation. Second, TFA preloads a great deal of information on your behalf. Finally, TFA is always there to answer your questions - we're only an email away.
Q: How safe is our data?
A: Extremely Safe! TFA automatically encrypts all your sensitive datA:TFA also allows you to set up users and passwords and, if you decide to do that, only authorized users will be able to get into the program.
Q: How do you support using the telephone for soliciting?
A: In two ways. First, TFA provides lists of contacts that have telephone numbers, and, second, you can use one-click dialing.
Q: Is it possible to import data from other applications?
A: Yes, TFA allows you to import a comma-delimited file to quickly and easily build your contact list. The specifics are in the Reference Manual.
Q: Is TFA is designed to meet the needs of the small to medium-size foundations.
A: Certainly. It keeps the cost down, while still providing the high-quality software you need, deserve, and respect.
Q: Does TFA allow me to easily add our foundation.s specific information, including reporting options, contact information, your logo, and more?
A: Yes, it allows you to present your foundation in the most professional manner and to make your data entry as easy as possible.
Q: Is it quick and easy to add and maintain all our contact information for current and future donors and volunteers, including friends in business, government, and other foundations?
A: TFA uses this information to provide a wide range of reports to help you manage your day-to-day needs.
Q: Is it easy to add and report all donations in a variety of ways?
A: Certainly. You always know the source of your income and to send thank-you letters/emails in a timely manner.
Q: Does TFA keep track of the income, volunteers, and other important information for each of our foundation's events?
A: With this information, you can pinpoint all of the relevant data to determine what you did to determine the event's profitability.
Q: Does TFA make it easy to transfer both the software and data to another computer?
A: Yes. When the software and data need to be passed to another person, it.s comforting to know that TFA makes it safe and easy.
Q: Is Backing up and Restoring data available?
A: No doubt it. backing up data is the most neglected and most needed activity for any computer application. When it's gone, it's gone, and you.re in big trouble. Happily, TFA makes it easy, and it reminds you to backup whenever changes have been made.
Q: Does TFA have the choice of password protecting your data or not?
A: Yes. Password protecting your data assures you that only authorized persons can gain access to your datA. In addition, your data is automatically encrypted when it is saved to your computer's disc storage.