Report Management

REPORTS: TFA reports fall into two categories:

CORRESPONDENCE: Most often, this means thank you letters. These are simple to create and use, and you'll be pleased to know that TFA provides you with many samples to choose from. Best of all, you have your choice of e-mail or snail mail.

In addition to the necessary thank you letters, the Correspondence features of TFA provide you the same ease of use for sending informational e-mails and letters to a wide range of contacts. For instance, you can easily send the announcement that your foundation is alive and well and looking forward to meeting everyone of them (by name) to your entire list of contacts. The list of possibilities is endless.

BUSINESS REPORTING: As you work through many of TFA processes, you will have the opportunity to print reports of what you see on the screen. An example of this is to print a list of all your donors. But you can change the nature of the report by specifying a start and end date and then printing only donors within those dates. And you can further narrow the list of donors by entering low to high donation amounts to isolate your most generous donors. And then you can print the resulting list. This kind of functionality is available for Donors, dues-paying Members, and Volunteers.

OTHER: Another type of Business Reporting is available for each of your Grant Requests. Even the simplest grant request can quickly become complicated, and the grant request committee can be overwhelmed with a myriad of things to do, people to talk to, prospective donors to approach, partnerships with local merchants for help with the request, and even with the follow-up shore of getting public relations input to add to your annual report to your community.